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Your relationship with your musical instrument is a special one.

A Lark musical instrument insurance policy acknowledges the bond between musician and musical instrument.

That is why we ensure our policies provide you with a level of cover that truly reflects the worth of your musical instrument(s) to you.

We understand that playing a musical instrument is usually not just a passion, but also your livelihood. That is why we can provide musicians with a range of different covers that cater to all needs, be they personal or professional.

Lark are able to cater to all musical equipment insurance needs - from one instrument to a whole orchestra.

At Lark, we know our responsibility to the music industry does not end at just insuring your musical instrument, which is why we have built up relationships with the London Sinfonietta and Royal College of Music, as well as making sure we attend, and sponsor, some leading music industry events.

By taking the time to  stop and listen, we ensure that your musical instrument gets the  cover it deserves.

Granted, insurance cannot replace the sentiment or the attachment to a musical instrument, but it can provide some peace of mind. In the event of a claim, while we can't help with the stresses and strains involved in dealing with  work commitments and finding the perfect replacement, at least you won't  have to worry about any of the financials of replacing your instrument.

The question of whether to insure or not actually poses some bigger questions for musicians. What if I can’t afford to replace my instrument? What if the damage means my instrument has depreciated in value? What would the impact be on my career and future aspirations? Our music insurance team would always advocate seeking advice to ensure that you have considered all the benefits a specialist musical instrument insurance policy can offer to make an educated decision.
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If you are visiting the website from Australia please contact EBM for all your musical instrument insurance needs.

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