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Small Schemes

Small Schemes

A rewarded workforce is a productive workforce.

A strong employee benefits package has the advantage of not only helping to attract top talent but will also help to retain existing members of the workforce.

We understand that our clients employ a paternalistic approach to looking after their staff; encouraging dedication and loyalty from employees.

Our specialist Small Schemes offering has an impressive history of providing small-to-medium sized enterprises with extensive coverage of employee benefits, commonly enjoyed by larger businesses.

Whilst it is vital to keep a tight rein on premium costs, we understand that companies don’t want to compromise on quality. Our offering is specifically designed to allow companies with up to 50 employees to provide their staff with high-quality benefits at a competitive price. 

The terms available on this scheme are typically only available to much larger organisations, but Lark has partnered with market-leading experts Canada Life and Ellipse to provide this bespoke and unique Small Schemes offering. This offering covers Group Income Protection, Group Critical Illness and Group Life Assurance schemes.


Canada Life’s GIP scheme offers a high calibre of cover to members who cannot work because of long-term illness or injury. GIP is also designed to take the strain financially and allow the employer to continue providing its employees and family with a proportion of salary. 


A Canada Life GCI policy provides employees with a lump sum of money in the event that they are diagnosed with a serious illness or condition. This can be in addition to any group income protection they may have.
This benefit is the perfect opportunity for companies to aid their employees with any expenses in their times of need, whether it be adapting facilities at home, large medical bills or even recuperation time with their family. 

Canada Life’s GCI cover offers peace of mind to employees and helps businesses offer a well-rounded benefits package.


A GLA policy is there to assist and provide comfort to an employee’s dependants during a difficult time. 

Lark is proud to be partnered with Ellipse to provide a well-rounded and competitive GLA package that will help any business to provide its employees’ family with a lump sum in the event of a member’s death whilst in service.

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Lark Small Schemes

"A company is only as good as its workers" is a well-recognised philosophy within the business market and we believe maintaining employee health and well-being is paramount to this.

Lark can provide smaller employers a chance to establish a competitively tailored employee benefits package.

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