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Missing Will Indemnity

Resolve inheritance issues when the deceased's Will is missing.

Disputes surrounding the distribution of a deceased's estate can occur if, for instance, an individual's Will is believed to be lost but is then subsequently found after the estate has been distributed. There may also be problems arising even when a Will has been left; for example, a later Will may be discovered which invalidates the first one.

To protect yourself in the event that a previously unknown or later Will comes to light, Lark can provide a Missing Will Indemnity policy. It covers all costs, damages and compensation if it's necessary to make a further distribution.

If a missing Will reappears after the estate has been distributed, this indemnity will protect executors, administrators and personal representatives of a deceased’s estate in relation to claims from unknown beneficiaries.

This policy provides peace of mind that ensures you won’t have to pay anything back.
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