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Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Protecting the walls around you and the roof over your head.

Although it’s not compulsory, if you own your own home then buildings insurance should be a top priority, as a good buildings insurance policy could end up saving you a fortune if your home is ever damaged.

If your building were to suffer subsidence, fire damage, vandalism, or damage by extreme weather, your buildings insurance policy covers the costs of rebuilding or repair, amongst other things.

We fully understand that, when it comes to your home, you’re not going to want an off-the-shelf policy.

You know that peace of mind will only come from having sourced a bespoke policy that has been crafted to cater to your specific requirements, and for those that may require contents insurance too, a combined home insurance policy may be suitable.

At Lark, made to measure is our mantra and we'll ensure the policy you get fully meets your requirements.

To make sure you avoid underinsurance, Lark will work with several specialist surveyors as we understand the importance of ensuring your building reinstatement values are correct. Click here to find out more about building valuations.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation buildings insurance quote.

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