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Insurance isn’t a scary subject, but it is one that all filmmakers should understand.

At Performance, our team believes that learning should be lifelong.  Everyone can acquire new knowledge every day - something we continue to do ourselves.

You may have found that insurers can tend to be warier of student productions, as they are perceived to carry more of a risk due to their 'inexperience' when compared to 'professional' production companies. As a result, these insurers may decline to offer you cover at all, or demand a higher premium or an increased excess (the amount you pay in the event of a claim), in order to offset this risk.

We take a more balanced view and, whilst we can’t offer student discounts, we don’t penalise you either by increasing the rates, either in terms of premium or excess, just because you are a student.  After all, even experienced people don’t know everything!

For your short projects, our best rates can be found on our new online quote and buy system.

In the future, the time will come when you leave your teachers and mentors behind and forge your own career.  You can be safe in the knowledge that Performance will continue to provide you with access to expert insurance advice, gathered from decades of developing strong relationships in the film and media industry.

Insurance isn’t a scary subject, but it is one that all filmmakers should understand.  Let Performance take care of that for you, so that you can concentrate on putting together your next big movie! But don't just take our word on it.

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