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Providing employees with a helping hand when facing life's challenges.

To help employers deliver a fully cohesive health & wellbeing programme to their staff, we can provide advice on Occupational Health (OH) services. These services are used to support and help people stay in work and live full and healthy lives. 

OH services play a key role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of the working population, by preventing work-related ill health and providing specialist rehabilitation advice.  OH specialists provide independent, impartial advice to employers on the “effects of work on health” and the “effects of health on work”.

For example, the opinion of an OH specialist might be crucial in determining how to manage a capability issue or in providing key evidence in a claim to an employment tribunal.  As well as addressing issues that occur, a lot of the work of an OH service is pro-active, aiming to reduce potential problems in the workplace.

The OH arena includes:

  • Provision of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

  • Health Assessments/Screening for employees.

  • Pre-placement Assessments 

  • Sickness Absence Management

  • Long Term Absence Case Management & Return to Work Support

  • Ill Health Retirement Advice

  • Work Place Ergonomics Surveys

  • Vaccination services

  • Health Promotion Events – i.e. Seminars on Smoking Cessation, Building Resilience Against Stress etc.

Some of these services might be already built into an employer’s existing Medical or Group Risk insurance arrangements, but where there’s a need for a service not already available, we can help them source an independent specialist OH provider from whom they can purchase the supplementary assistance required.

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