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Providing access to prompt and effective medical care.

The overwhelming demand for free medical treatment under the NHS means that many patients experience problems and long delays gaining access to specialist diagnostics and treatment.  This can cause big problems for employers, with staff taking extended sick leave and/or needing to take time off work during a key trading period or important project.

Company Medical Insurance can help combat this, providing employees with access to prompt and effective medical care as a private patient if their G.P. is unable to diagnose or treat them. 

Medical Insurance is proven to reduce sickness absence, as non-urgent treatment can be scheduled to suit an employee’s personal/work commitments.  Furthermore, private care may be able to facilitate more advanced diagnostic techniques & treatment methods – which improve clinical outcomes.

Many schemes also offer extra value benefits such as health and wellbeing services, medical advice lines and member offers/special discounts.

Whilst smaller schemes generally exclude pre-existing medical conditions to manage premium costs; some insurers can offer cover on a “medical history disregarded” basis for groups with a minimum of 15+ staff.

Premium costs depend on a number of factors such as level of cover chosen, size and profile of the membership population and scheme history.

Medical Insurance is a P11d benefit, but the tax incurred by the members is usually a fraction of the cost of buying comparable cover on a personal basis.

Lark Employee Benefits can also help with supplementary health-related insurances, such as Group Dental Insurance and Company Cash Plans.

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