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Specialist cover to protect cherished jewellery collections.

Finding the right insurance for jewellery can be difficult.

Lark’s experienced team are on hand to guide you to the best solution and provide you with a specialist household insurance policy that offers exceptional and bespoke cover which is broader than a general home insurance policy or content insurance policy.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have recently been given an engagement ring or have been passed on a family heirloom, people are often unaware of the true value of their jewellery. This is especially true if the item was a gift and many people would be shocked to learn that, in the event of a loss, their household insurance would not cover the cost to replace their valuable items.

As a standard contents insurance policy may exclude claims for jewellery above a certain value, it’s important that insured limits are checked along with the policy conditions. By doing this, you can ensure that your jewellery is adequately protected, both whilst being worn and when being stored.

That’s where the experience of a specialist high-net-worth insurance broker can really help. Because we take insurance for jewellery seriously, we are able to provide you with expert advice and guidance gleaned from more than 60 years of operating in this field.

We also have a roster of highly-recommended valuation companies that we know will be able to assist by not only valuing your pieces now but also giving you the up-to-date values going forward. 

Our team would be happy to review your existing household insurance policy to provide you with further advice and supply you with a quotation to protect your previous items.

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Rather than limit certain valuables to being insured in the safe only, which is restricting and requires that you let your broker know when you want to wear it, you can opt for a floating limit.

 Some people will benefit, in terms of lower premium, by taking a “floating” jewellery & watches (sometimes known as valuables) limit. This works on the assumption that not all of the jewellery is, or can be, worn all the time and that remainder of the jewellery, or some of it, is kept in the home safe.

A floating limit works on the assumption that not all of the jewellery is, or can be, worn all the time and that remainder of the jewellery, or some of it, is kept in the home safe.

You do not need to state exactly which items are in and which items are out of the safe. You need to only choose your limit out of the safe at any one time, usually for special occasions. As the items can change, and the total figure up to a prescribed limit can vary, it’s known as a “float” or “floating limit”.

Insurers apply a lower rate to the in-safe figure than they do the floating figure, therefore lowering the premium without affecting a client’s lifestyle or cover too much.

Yes. You would need to specify which items of jewellery are always kept in the safe.  

Jewellery valuations are important to  ensure you are adequately insured.  The valuation should be done by an experienced valuer who will examine and appraise your jewellery providing a written opinion on its authenticity, composites and quality. 

Read Lark's guide to jewellery valuations, click here.

Valuations can become dated as the value of gemstones and gold are affected by supply and demand and other factors besides inflation.  So, in the event of a claim, the insurance will not cover the full cost of replacement. 

We advise updating  your valuations every 3 to 5 years to ensure the best protection for your jewellery and watches.

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