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contract works insurance explained

Contract works insurance, also known as contractors all risk insurance, is essential if you are considering any type of home renovation, alteration, demolition, conversion or extension.

Any substantial improvements to your residential property, such as basement extensions, could have an effect on the cover provided by your household insurance policy. 

During these works, your property is at a greater risk from factors outside of your control, and so you will need to protect it with an appropriate contract works policy. 

Risks associated with contract works:

  • On-site contractors theft

  • Hot works that can cause fire

  • Destabilisation of the works

  • Damage to neighbouring properties

  • Visitors - liability

  • Exposure to elements - wind/storm risks

  • Unoccupancy - escape of water risk

Cover yourself from these risks

Before any work takes place, you must first notify your home insurance provider. Unfortunately, the vast majority of home insurance providers are unable to accommodate any type of home contract works (like renovation, alteration, demolition, conversion or extension).

Your current insurer may even look to reduce the standard policy coverage whilst these are ongoing, which could lead to a costly or voided claim. If this is the case, you will need the help of a specialist broker, like Lark, to provide you with a suitable contract works insurance solution.

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Why Lark...

With Lark, you will get guidance that goes beyond the insurance of the existing structure.

We will provide assistance with the insurance of the proposed works, the type of contract being signed and the adequacy of your contractors’ insurances.

We can also meet with you and your project manager/architect to discuss your specific situation.

With a Lark contract works insurance policy, you will have complete peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure that you have sourced the best possible cover to support your renovation project. Our dedicated Contract Works team will be happy to help with any enquiries.
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Read our Contract Works Factsheet - a step-by-step guide on your role before, during and after contract works have taken place.

Our Contract Works Glossary is a handy guide that provides you with all the terms you need in order to understand contract works insurance.

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