Every insurance policy should be as unique as the business it protects.

At Lark, we provide our clients with a variety of commercial insurance packages that will respond to the specific risks and challenges they face every day.

We work closely with our clients to understand the cover their business needs so that we can then source the policies that will provide them with a level of protection that provides true peace of mind: 

We also are in a position to offer niche insurances that can't be found with many other brokers, including:

Our team's expertise means we have the knowledge of the complex insurance requirements for a wide range of sectors, including:

This is not an exhaustive list as, through our strong partnerships with leading insurers, we are able to cater for all needs and provide security right across a client's operations.

Risk Management

Our clients also have access to our highly experienced Risk Management team, who are committed to providing our clients with specialist Risk Management services; ranging from control of material damage risks (e.g. fire, theft or natural causes) to guidance in respect of  Health and Safety obligations.

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Our products

Business Interruption Insurance

Helping businesses after a catastrophic event.

Commercial Combined Insurance

The core insurance protection for many businesses.

Insurance for

Commercial Motor Fleets

Comprehensive cover for a businesses vital vehicles.

Advice on

Cyber Risk Insurance

Covering the costs of a cyber security data breach.

Insurance for

Directors and Officers

Protecting your assets from liability for business decisions.

Advice on

Lost Share Certificate Indemnity

Providing indemnity if you require a replacement Share Certificate.

Insurance for

Personal Accident And Business Travel

Peace of mind when travelling for business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protecting you when mistakes happen.

Advice on

Risk Management

Understand the risks your business is exposed to.

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