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We tailor our policy to the needs of your business.

As one of the world’s leading musical instrument insurance brokers, Lark is renowned for providing the perfect, made to measure business insurance for dealers. Our bespoke policies are crafted with your individual musical instrument dealers business needs in mind and can provide cover for all your stock, tools, materials and machinery.

It’s not all just about insurance.  Our passionate team are on hand to help in a variety of ways because we see you as more than just a financial transaction, you're someone we want to build a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with. But don’t take just our word on it.

Any questions?

If you have any questions please check our comprehensive FAQ. If you can’t find an answer there,
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If you are visiting the website from Australia please contact EBM for all your musical instrument insurance needs.


Our policies are issued on a 12 month contract.

We would recommend that you either have a valuation from another source or purchase receipt, we also rely on your own knowledge and expertise and would suggest you maintain up-to-date records on your books of account in the event of a claim.

Yes, subject to the limits (value of stock) specified under your policy.

Yes, if you accidentally damage the instrument (e.g. it is dropped on the floor) this would be included. However, we would not provide insurance for a bad repair, for example, if you glued a wrong part in error. We would expect you to be responsible for your own actions.

A loan agreement is in relation to instruments leant out to a third party. We would recommend that you first verify their identity, if not known to you already, by taking a copy of the passport, national identity card or divers licence.

The loan agreement should then be issued containing the name and address of the consignee, date of loan, period of loan or return date and description and value of item.

We would also suggest that they are not permitted to lend the instrument on to any other party, unless you have first provided your consent.

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