Protection against a loss

Lark can arrange many types of indemnity, to cover a wide range of situations.

The links below will provide you with further information on the indemnities Lark can provide.

If your particular circumstance is not listed below, then do still contact us and we will liaise with our insurer partners to see if we can tailor something for your requirements.​

Indemnities we can cover

Indemnify against non-payment of ground rent and breach of restrictive covenant (leasehold)

A bond that guarantees to make good losses to anyone interested in the estate of a deceased person

Indemnify against the cost of altering, demolishing or reinstating any part of a property

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Chancel Repair Liability

Indemnity from the liability to contribute towards the repair of the chancel of a parish church

Protecting you following damage or destruction to the building in which your property forms a part of

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Creeping Freehold

Indemnity from loss of property value if part of your home projects over/under an adjoining property

Providing indemnity if you require a replacement Share Certificate.

Indemnity if you may suffer loss because a third party exercises their right to mine on your land

Peacefully resolve inheritance issues

Indemnity if the title deeds to a Property have been lost destroyed or mislaid.

Indemnity if you unwittingly breach a restrictive covenant when the lease to your property is missing

Indemnity against loss because the legal owner may seek to prevent access

Indemnity from loss if you purchase a property which is subject to abandoned third party rights

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Possessory Title

Indemnity from loss if the legal owner of the land disputes occupation and seeks to recover the land from you.

Indemnity where your lease has a clause that states the landlord has to carry out repair and/or maintenance to ...