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  • A few tips to help reduce the chance of a burglary during Christmas
  • If you’re away, especially over Christmas, don’t advertise your empty home on social media
11th December 2017

The wrong kind of rubbish – reducing the chance of a burglary during Christmas

Although you might not realise it, you might be unintentionally advertising your home to would-be thieves. Burglars target certain homes and here are a few ways you can make your home a less attractive target.

  • Door locks

Make sure your doors have good quality locks. This is often an insurance requirement with many UK insurers requiring a mortise deadlock on exit doors. You can further upgrade your locks to the TS007 standard which prevents lock snapping, lock drilling and lock bumping. 40% of UK home break-ins involve forcing a door so make improving your locks a priority. And don’t leave your keys in the lock or by the door, it makes for an easy exit for any would-be thief.

  • Other visible security

Many UK insurers require that you have window locks on accessible windows. This is certainly a sensible idea. Most modern double glazed windows will have locks, but if you have older windows, consider fitting them, even if it’s not an insurance requirement. Fit locks to back gates and think about your property’s perimeter security.

  • Outdoor equipment

In rural areas especially, theft from outbuildings, including sheds and garages is more likely than theft from a home. Keep your outbuildings locked with a good quality padlock, at least Grade 1 CEN approved. Keep your tools and ladders locked away so they can’t be used by burglars.

  • Social media

If you’re away, especially over Christmas, don’t be like John Terry and advertise the fact on social media. The footballer was robbed of thousands of pounds worth of valuables after he posted on Twitter that he was on holiday.

  • Christmas and other rubbish

Don’t advertise what you’ve been lucky enough to receive at Christmas! Don’t leave empty TV, Xbox, laptop packaging out the front of your home by the bins.  This merely acts as an attractive lure for burglars. Take the packaging directly to your recycling centre.

Likewise, receipts and other financial & personal information should be shredded before going in the recycling. This will also help prevent ID theft