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  • Lark remains committed to looking after our European clients for the long term.
22nd March 2018

Your insurance policy and Brexit

As you will all be aware the UK voted  to leave the European Union, and is scheduled to depart at 1pm UK time on the 29 March 2019.

Both the UK and the EU are keen on the idea of there being a period of time after 29 March 2019 to get everything in place and allow businesses and others to prepare for the moment when the post Brexit rules between the UK and the EU begin. This is likely to be between one and two years.

At the moment, there is no change to the way we look after our clients, and it is very much business as usual. We are currently at an advanced stage of planning for life after Brexit, and this will involve us opening an office in an EU territory. This will give us the ability not only to continue to look after our existing clients, but also to strengthen our own presence within EU territory.

We will provide full details as to how your policy will be handled in due course, however our promise to you is that we continue to deliver the same high standards of service which you currently enjoy.

As Insurance Brokers helping to insure a large community of amazing musicians, dealers, luthiers, orchestras and instruments all across Europe, we very much look forward to continuing to work with you.