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  • We can help review your security
  • We can help review your Sums Insured
  • We'll produce a detailed report
  • We can offer advice on a number or issues
  • We'll make sure to understand what is important to you
22nd March 2017

Home Visits – the benefit of using an Insurance Broker

There are numerous reasons why as a high-value homeowner or a client with an art or jewellery collection you would benefit from using Lark as your Private Client insurance broker.

This article looks at one of the things we can do – visit you at home.

But what are the benefits of a home visit?

At the end of a recent visit, a client asked me how anybody correctly arranged their home insurance without their broker reviewing the ‘risk’ in person, be it for the home, artwork or a private collection.

Certainly, for larger properties or for complex collections, a personal visit can help by:

  • Reviewing your security. Many of the properties we visit do not have standard security and have to be specially referred to underwriters. In quite a few instances, we have visited clients who have been under the misapprehension that their security was acceptable to their previous insurer.

  • Reviewing your sums insured.  We can help you ascertain your correct contents sums insured. Many of our new clients have been underinsured for years and would not have been able to claim enough to put them back in a pre-claim position.

  • We can often secure additional discounts from underwriters. Insurers trust us to give them an accurate representation of their “risk” and our expertise and experience mean that underwriters are more confident in providing lower rates. We’re also more confident in presenting your insurance needs to the insurer.

  • If we have visited and produced a detailed report, we are often able to streamline the claims process.

  • We are able to advise if we think the buildings sum insured is inaccurate and then help to organise a professional buildings appraisal (which itself is different to a mortgage valuation).

  • We’ll sit down face-to-face you so that we understand what is important to you.  We can then properly tailor a policy to fit your needs.

Here are a few examples of the problems we encounter and then subsequently solve when visiting a new private client:

  1. Buildings and contents underinsured, sometimes significantly.

  2. Outbuildings not insured, or not noted as being of “non-standard” construction (and hence potentially not insured at all)

  3. Antiques insured as contents (which is more expensive with less cover)

  4.  Jewellery sums insured sometimes don’t take into account a husband’s watches and cufflinks

  5. Sums insured haven’t taken into account clothing, bikes and sports equipment.

To arrange a home visit, please speak to your Lark Account Handler.

If you’re not currently a Lark client, or if you’re currently with another insurance broker and they haven’t offered to visit you at home, please call us for an informal, no hard sell chat.