Lark (Group) Limited is committed to helping our clients improve driver safety as well as aiding fleet managers in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their fleets.

In partnership with FMG, we can provide access to Ingenium Dynamics. This innovative tool enables  fleet managers to fulfil their responsibilities in a cost-controlled way. By utilising FMG’s leading technology in driver behaviour reporting, vehicle tracking, fault and incident alerts, this tool will help to change how drivers think and perform while behind the wheel of a client's vehicle. 

What is Ingenium Dynamics?

Ingenium Dynamics is a driver behaviour based telematics system. Designed to reduce the frequency of motor incidents significantly through minimising fleet risk and improving driver behaviour; the service forms the core of many customers’ risk management strategies through the collection of driver behaviour data and the production of bespoke reports showing the effectiveness of risk reduction initiatives. 

Ingenium Dynamics monitors the ways in which vehicles are being driven and makes drivers aware of any high-risk behaviour, offering suggestions for improvement and providing links to online training modules to address any specific issues. This personalised approach is proven to result in genuine, sustainable benefits, including measurable improvements in driver skill and confidence alongside a reduction in the overall frequency and severity of incidents.

The benefits of using Ingenium Dynamics

Reduced Accident Rates

By focusing on improving driving, we can help you to reduce the probability of an employee being involved in an accident. By assessing driver behaviour, providing feedback and recommended training; Ingenium Dynamics can help to highlight driver weaknesses. This approach has shown demonstrable improvements in driver behaviour and led to reductions in accident frequency (and thus claims costs).

Incident Notification and Analysis

Incidents happen. And when they do, the Ingenium Dynamics device is designed to recognise this and send an alert. So, if a third-party claim is involved, you will be able to review the data gathered in the lead up to the incident, providing you with the ability to challenge and defend against potentially fraudulent claims.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Those drivers with high Ingenium Dynamics scores are shown to have an improved fuel economy of between 5% –20%. With an average of £3,000 spent yearly on fuel for a company vehicle, this benefit represents a considerable saving per vehicle.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

By reducing driver fuel consumption you'll also be helping the environment by simultaneously reducing your CO2 emissions. With Ingenium Dynamics, you will be able to take a step towards meeting environmental standards (such as ISO 14001) or any company specific CSR pledges.

Accurate Mileage Calculation

As each individual journey will be flagged as either business or private, the Ingenium Dynamics system will be able to help simplify mileage submissions for your drivers; ensuring that you only pay for business journeys. 

Fault Alerts

Should the vehicle develop a fault, the Ingenium Dynamics device will automatically send out an alert to relevant recipients. With pro-active fault reporting, you will be able to prevent breakdowns and help to reduce overheads.

Are you a fleet manager? Here’s how Ingenium Dynamics can help

Safety Dashboard

By being able to identify drivers that are not driving within set parameters you will be able to take a much more targeted approach to your driver training programmes.

Live Location Dashboard

You will be able to track the location of vehicles to ensure and the live feeds will continue to run when the engine is turned off.

League Access

A custom league table of drivers will allow you to incentive drivers to improve performance and engagement.