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Motor Claims

If you are involved in an accident, or your vehicle is damaged or stolen, there’s respite to be found in an understanding and efficient insurance claims service.

All private motor claims are dealt with by your insurer’s specialist claims unit - however, your account handler at Lark is on hand to assist with any difficulties, unreasonable delays or any queries you may have.

Accidents should always be reported straight away – either by calling the Lark Motor Claims Line on 0870 444 1303, or contacting your insurer direct.

Motor Insurance Claims FAQs

While the exact process of your claim may differ from insurer to insurer, you’ll find answers to most queries below – courtesy of Lark’s motor claims expert, Joe Green.

Do I have to use the recommended approved repairer?
“It is not compulsory – but we do encourage you to use the recommended approved repairer. This helps you to avoid the necessity of an inspection by an appointed engineer, and also ensures the provision of a courtesy vehicle (where available).

“It also allows your insurer to guarantee all the works carried out, and enables them to settle repair costs directly with the garage on completion.”
Will I have to pay anything towards the costs of the repair?
“Once repairs have been completed, you are required to pay the repairer any excess due - as per the terms of your policy.”
How do I recover losses not covered by my policy?
“There are various expenses you may incur which are not covered under your own policy - such as your policy excess, personal injury to the driver or passengers, and any temporary travel costs you have incurred.

“If the accident was not your fault, you may be able to recover these expenses from the person responsible or their insurers. A ‘Legal Expenses’ or ‘Uninsured Loss Recovery’ policy will assist you in making this recovery.
“If this cover is not included as a standard benefit of your policy, you will have been offered LawShield Premier Plan Uninsured Loss Recovery Insurance. LawShield will assist recovery of all uninsured losses and, where necessary, appoint a Solicitor to act on your behalf. Your LawShield policy provides cover for Solicitors fees up to £50,000.”
What do I do if someone claims against me?
“It is important that any correspondence you receive from others involved in the accident, including any other insurer or solicitor that you know is not your own, should be passed to your Claims Handler immediately. You should not reply to the correspondence yourself.

“Failure to comply may prejudice your insurer’s position when dealing with your claim, potentially limiting the cover in force. If you prefer you can send this correspondence to your account handler at Lark, who will forward it to your insurer on your behalf.”
What if I am prosecuted for an offence arising from the accident?
“Pass any correspondence to us which informs you of an impending prosecution, inquest or fatal accident inquiry. We will then forward it to your insurers who will deal with it on your behalf.”
Can my No Claims Discount be reinstated?
“If your policy provides a No Claims Discount, this will be reinstated by your insurers once they receive evidence that the total losses have been recovered. However, you may find that your level of discount is reduced if the claim is not finalised by the time your policy renews. As long as the above conditions are met, your insurers will reinstate the discount and adjust your premium once the recovery has been concluded.”
What do I do if an incident occurs and it’s only my windscreen that’s damaged?
“Simply telephone your insurer’s Helpline (some have a dedicated line for Windscreen incidents) and you will be put through to a specialist vehicle windscreen replacement company. They will arrange a convenient date and time to visit you and repair or replace the windscreen accordingly. Please check the relevant section of your policy as your excess for damage to your windscreen may be lower than your overall policy excess.”
What happens if I am involved in an incident whilst driving aboard?
“Some policies give automatic cover when driving within the EU. If you are planning to travel abroad with your vehicle, please contact us in order that we can check and arrange any necessary cover.”

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?
“If your car is stolen or damaged as a result of an attempted theft, you must notify the Police immediately. You should then report the incident as you would any other, by using either the Lark Motor Claims Line or your insurer’s helpline.
“Once the loss of your vehicle is logged with your insurer, it will be kept in abeyance for a 4 week period in order to allow sufficient time for the Police to recover your vehicle. If the vehicle is recovered, please contact your insurer or your Lark Account Handler so that any necessary repairs can be arranged as normal.
“However, if your vehicle is not recovered within the abeyance period, we will request the necessary documentation, such as the V5, MOT certificate etc.

“Please note that any settlement offered by your insurer will be based on the market value of your vehicle at the time of the loss. If your vehicle is subject to a leasing agreement or hire purchase, then any amount above the market value (interest, fees etc) is not covered under your policy. Please advise us accordingly if your vehicle is subject to an agreement.”