Claims - commercial


Commercial Claims

We understand the importance of an outstanding claims service. Our dedicated Claims Team will work with you and your account executive to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible. Our sole aim is to put you back in the same position as before the loss as efficiently as possible, with as little disruption as possible.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim, please contact us with the details as soon as you can. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. If an accident or loss occurs outside of these hours, you can email us with details of your claim, and we will contact you the next working day. However, in the interim, please do what you can to prevent further loss or damage.


Property Damage and/or Business Interruption Claims
Once reported to us, we will send you the appropriate claim form and, where necessary, ensure that a Loss Adjuster is appointed immediately.

It is your responsibility to act as if uninsured and to mitigate any loss to the best of your ability. Insurers appreciate that emergency repairs may be necessary. However, for all other repairs and replacements you should obtain two comparable estimates and forward these to us, so that we can obtain insurers’ approval before proceeding.

If the loss involves theft or malicious damage, you are obliged to report this to the Police and obtain a crime reference number. Failure to do so may affect your claim.

If your policy includes Business Interruption cover, you should immediately take whatever action is necessary to limit losses due to your inability to trade.


Employers, Public, Product Liability and Professional Indemnity Claims
As these policies insure you for legal liability, they will not provide any payment unless you are legally responsible. With the introduction of the Woolf Reform in 1999, it is vital that you notify us of all possible claims immediately and adhere to the guidelines.

Full details of the incident and any relevant correspondence should be forwarded to us immediately, together with a completed accident report form, which we will send to you.

You must not admit liability to a third party in any circumstances, as this may prejudice your insurers’ position and in some cases could lead to insurers declining liability under the policy. If you receive a letter from a solicitor, please immediately forward it to us, unanswered.


Motor Fleet Claims
All corporate motor incidents must be reported to your insurer immediately. You can do this by contacting our Claims Team during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm). Alternatively you can report the incident to your insurer directly via their dedicated helpline.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has introduced a fast track process for road traffic personal injury claims, valued between £1,000 to £10,000 arising from accidents occurring on or after 30th April 2010 in England and Wales. This places a statutory obligation upon lawyers, Insurers and policyholders to comply.


Windscreen Claims
Telephone your insurers’ helpline, however please note that some have a dedicated line for windscreen incidents. Alternatively, contact us and we will ensure you are put through to a specialist vehicle windscreen replacement company. They will arrange, directly with you, a convenient time to repair, or replace, the windscreen.

Please check the relevant sections of your policy as the excess for damage to your windscreen may be lower than your overall policy excess.